Anita Stanislawska - a licensed Krakow City Guide. Nr/Card No: PM/93/07, as well as an English speaking tour leader. Nr/Card No: PW/256/09.

Booking of a licensed tour guide to Krakow and its vicinity, speaking Polish, English, Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Belarussian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, 
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Płaszów former Nazi camp - part of the Nazi plan of economic 
exploitation and genocide on the area of Krakow.
Is estimated that 100 000 people passed through the camp. 10 thousand murdered. Built by the Nazis in Krakow, on the place of the 2 Jewish cemeteries, between Abraham and Jerusalem street, the fall of 1942. As a place of forced labor, a transit camp and a concentration camp finally ... situated 5 km from Krakow the city center. It is the camp where Jews were moved from the defunct ghetto, established by Nazis in Krakow's Podgorze district.

1st phase - Autumn 1942 to summer 1943 - the organization
2nd phase - September 1943 to July 1944 - the expansion
3rd phase - January 1944 - the evacuation and the evidence of the crime destroying ...

We see: The Monuments; 2 places of extermination; The Cross commemorating the victims - Poles.  The Roll-call square. The visible Jewish cementers and funeral house remains. Grey and Red House [the house of camp commandant Amon Goeth]. 
and other places. ... and we pay homage to the murdered. [*] 
The bus/ transportation will be needed. 

Worth to see: 'The INHERITANCE' - The movie, the  conversation between the commandant's daughter and his maid... or very emotional interview with the commandant's granddaughter Jennifer Teege and her newly written book: 
"My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me"