Salt Mine Krakow tour

Krakow is one of the oldest and most visited cities in Poland. Every year, millions of tourists come to the city. It is not surprising because Krakow has a lot to offer its guests.
One of the biggest attractions is the salt mine in Wieliczka. It is the only salt mine that has been operating continuously since the Middle Ages to modern times. The salt from this mine was already mined by miners in the 13th century. Finally, salt mining was completed in 1964. And currently this place is not an ordinary tourist attraction. Wieliczka is visited by over a million tourists from all over the world every year. It has an extraordinary atmosphere and its sightseeing is an unusual experience. Salt Mine Krakow tour is organized every season. Walking takes about 3 hours, the journey itself should not take more than 30 minutes.
The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a must-see for anyone visiting Lesser Poland. During the "Salt Mine Krakow tour" you can see monuments that will delight every tourist, regardless of gender, age or interests.Salt Mine Krakow tour is a great way to spend your free time and everyone who visits Krakow should see the salt mine Wieliczka and its over 700 years of history at least once in a lifetime. On the Wieliczka Salt Mine tourist route, during the Salt Mine Krakow tour you can find many unique objects. Such as, a lake 9 meters deep, located 104 meters underground or a sculpture weighing 15 tons.

In 2004, it turned out that the brine located 104 meters underground is the perfect place for windsurfing.

The mine's tourist route visited during the Salt Mine Krakow tour hides many unique places. Chapel of St. Kinga isn't only a place of worship, but also has a great acoustics. Nigel Kennedy and Blackmore’s Night have toured in this chapel. The mine has the only underground church in Europe in which visitors can see the underground statue of John Paul II. This unique salt sculpture is located at a depth of 101 meters, in the chapel of St. Kinga.

The mine's space is large and very diverse. It gives a huge scope for daredevils who have really unusual ideas. It was here that the first bungee jump underground was made, more precisely in the highest chamber in Wieliczka Stanisław Staszic, at a depth of 125 meters. The first underground balloon flight, which was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, was also made in the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

The mine has many secrets and offers many possibilities. It is worth visiting during the Salt Mine Krakow tour.
The Wieliczka mine is full of many wonderful things to see. Wondering what to see during the Salt Mine Krakow tour? Salt undergrounds hide many secrets, beautiful chambers and art departments. Keep your eyes open when you visit. The chapel of St. is considered the most beautiful place in the mine. Kinga. During the Salt Mine Krakow tour you will find that the monuments hidden in underground corridors are as beautiful as those on the surface of the earth.

One of the most noteworthy elements during the Salt Mine Krakow tour is the largest of all salt chandeliers that are in the salt mine in Wieliczka. This chandelier can be seen in 101 meters below the ground chapel of St. Kinga. This chamber is 11 meters high and impresses not only with the chandelier. The attention of visitors is attracted by carved floors, walls covered with bas-reliefs and an ornate ceiling. When we look up we will see a chandelier, which is composed of up to 2.5 thousand halite crystals, which is the purest salt. A huge chandelier in the chapel of St. Kinga stands out from the rest, much less impressive, so it's hard not to notice him. The unique lamp gives a bright white light that fills the interior of the chamber and gives in pictures the so-called halo effect.

During the Salt Mine Krakow tour salt chandeliers can also be seen in other parts of the mine, such as the chapel of St. John. Lamps, however, are not the only attraction during the Salt Mine Krakow tour. From the underground caves, we also find intricately made, by artists-miners, salt sculptures and bas-reliefs that are real works of art. Visiting the chapel of St. Kinga necessarily, it is worth paying attention to the three-part altar, which is decorated with crystals of halite and made of salt monuments depicting saints. It is also worth taking a closer look at the numerous reliefs on the walls - especially the "Last Supper", which was inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

During the
Salt Mine Krakow tour we will learn that the mine has more than one secret, such as the Crystal Grottoes. These caves are built of halite that has crystallized. This phenomenon is quite common, however, it is rare for the crystals to be as large and beautiful as those hidden from human sight in Wieliczka. This experience is amazing when we realize that we are entering caves located several dozen meters underground, inaccessible for millions of years. Guide, during the Salt Mine Krakow tour, will tell us more about the history of this place. The discovery of the Crystal Caves took place in the second half of the 19th century, when work was carried out in the northeastern part of the mine. The find was both amazing and completely accidental. How deep are the caves? About 70-114 meters. The crystals hidden in them were formed as a result of secondary crystallization of salt, they are much younger than the Wieliczka deposit. During the Salt Mine Krakow tour we will learn that at present Grottas are an inanimate nature reserve and access to them is strictly limited.

During the
Salt Mine Krakow tour we will learn that the history of Wieliczka dates back to the Middle Ages. At that time, the mine was called Magnum Sal which means Great Salt. Already in the 13th century it was known as the largest salt center in Poland and has gained immense importance for the country's economy. Deciding on the Salt Mine Krakow tour we will see the beautiful, underground landscapes of the Wieliczka mine. It owes its appearance to nature, which shaped the rocks into unusual, complex and varied structures. The Wieliczka deposit has a unique geological structure that is unheard of elsewhere in the world, which is a remarkable fact. What it comes from? Well, during the Salt Mine Krakow tour we will learn that after the deposition of rock salts, there were rock formation movements that were associated with the rising of the Carpathians. The tectonic activity of the Carpathians has led to the folding of the salt layers, forging from the ground and to the displacement. The effect of this process was the rising of salt towards the surface, which enabled their discovery and exploitation.

During the Salt Mine Krakow tour we can decide on several sightseeing routes. We have a tourist route, mining route, pilgrimage route and specially prepared programs for the youngest and schoolchildren to choose from. Many attractions await us during the Salt Mine Krakow tour. This tourist route will be able to admire the views, the mining route will give us the opportunity to test ourselves as miners with helmets and flashlights, the pilgrimage route will allow us to see every place of worship located in the mine, and each trip with young people is accompanied by a person who steals his children's heart stories .