Visit Krakow in 2 hours

Anita Stanislawska - a licensed Krakow City Guide. Nr/Card No: PM/93/07, as well as an English speaking tour leader. Nr/Card No: PW/256/09.

Booking of a licensed tour guide to Krakow and its vicinity, speaking Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Belarussian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic and so on…

Contact number: +48 602 388 200. E-mail:

Wawel Hill visiting time up to 3h = 360 PLN  + tickets /
Viewing terrace. Wistula = Wisła river view.
'Austrian hospital' and around. 
Wawel Cathedral inside with the undergrounds and Sigismund bell, climbing up to the Bell Tower [12 PLN ]
Arcaded Courtyard of the Royal Castle
Visiting the Representative Rooms in the Wawel Royal Castle: 
Visiting the interior should be ordered in advance, internal guide = 90 PLN 
Entry tickets 20 PLN + 40 PLN booking. 
Private Royal Apartment entry ticket 27 PLN + booking 130 PLN 

If You would like to visit the most important objects / monuments of Krakow, here are some proposals of tours of duration of 2 hours appr.: 
2h. 1-4 persons. The price: 260 PLN. / 65 euro


  1. Walk through the Old Town of Krakow and the Wawel Hill
  2. Wawel Castle Royal Rooms 
  3. Jewish quarter of Kazimierz. Remuh syn. 10 PLN ticket.
  4. Christian part of Kazimierz. 
  5. The former ghetto in Podgorze +"Apteka" museum. 11 PLN ticket.
  6. Additional Schindler's factory visiting at the end of the tour, 1 hour visiting, the price 180 PLN, ticket 24 PLN.
  7. The Painting Gallery in Kraków. Polish Art in XIX c. The Cloth Hall - Sukiennice visiting in Kraków. ~~ 1h - 180 PLN, ticket 12 PLN.
You may consider the tour with electric carts [meleks, so called] that will allow to visit the Old Town, Wawel Hill and the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz in 2 hours appr. Tour with meleks (electric carts): 600 PLN

Folk Show in Kraków.
Would you like to spend a special evening? Experience something new and enjoyable? We invite you to the Folk Show in Kraków! Delicious Polish meals, beautiful folk dancers, joyful music - come and have fun with us: When? Where?
- From April to October, every Thursday
- Departure at 6.45 pm from the city center
- 10.30 pm back to the city center 
We offer:
- transfer both ways in a London bus
- folk show dances
- 3-dish served meal
- cold and hot buffet - no limit.
beverages - no limit. 
- beer, wine - no limit. 
All that for only ~~ 29 euro! Contact me please. :)

Each ticket is valid for 20 minutes from the time it is stamped. You can switch between trams and buses and still use the same ticket. Do not stamp a new ticket each time you switch modes of transport, unless you run out of time on the ticket.
Stamp your tickets on the trams and buses. Insert the the ticket, on the end of the ticket with the arrow, into one of the orange ticket stamping machines shown here. Only stamp the ticket once. [20 min ticket = 3,40 PLN]