Salt Mine Miners Route

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New offer - Miner's Route!
Feel like a miner for one day!
Adults and children (10-year-old and older), welcome and visit new route. 

Covered in working clothes and armed with mining equipment, you will no longer feel like a tourist, as you descend into the darkness by the oldest existing mine shaft, the Regis. You will be attributed a mining profession and tasks by the guide, known at the mine as the charge-man, who will carefully evaluate their execution. Now you become a novice miner and start to learn the ropes of this demanding profession guided by the light of your mining lamp.

The trail, located far off the busy Tourist Route, allows to discover the inner workings of the mine. You will measure the concentration of methane, dig and transport salt, set the path and explore unknown chambers. You will experience the daily routine of underground life and the secrets of mining traditions and rituals, and experience first-hand the real taste of miner's work.

The visit of the Miners’ Route takes about 3 hours. It is made in groups of maximum 20 people, so earlier reservations are recommended.

Important info:

The expedition begins on time. The visit of the Miners’ Route takes about 3 hours. It is made in groups of maximum 20 people.

The visit is an active expedition and requires increased physical effort.

The trail does not connect with the Tourist Route and associated chambers - including the Chapel of St. Kinga.

The visit is always conducted under the supervision of a guide.

The Miners’ Route is accessible to persons over 10 years of age, however minors are allowed to visit the mine under the supervision of an adult.

Tourists receive a protective coverall and mining equipment: a lamp, a POG absorber and a helmet.

Please bring warm clothing and comfortable, waterproof footwear. Temperature underground ranges between 14° and 16° C.

You will descend into the mine by an elevator to Level I (57m) and come up from Level II (101m).

Smoking, the use of open fire and  flash-lights is not allowed at the mine.