Dunajec Rafting

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Pieniny mountains – Wooden Architecture Route
Read more about Pieniny mountains [click here]

The tour we especially recommend after visiting Krakow, Salt Mine, and Auschwitz.

When you have visited the popular places of Lesser Poland and a time for relax comes, we especially recommend you this tour. You would detach yourself from the bustle and noise of the city. You can go and see the curiosities of the Pieniny mountains within one day which needn’t to be hasty at all.

Recently, we went into Pieniny in person to check the route, attractions and Lesser Polish cuisine thoroughly. We have prepared a plan we publish here. We have checked all places in person with regard to services, quality, interests and practicality.

An all-day trip itinerary:
8.00 am: departure from Krakow [on a minibus of varied size, air-conditioned and comfortable.
about 10:00 am: sightseeing of the St. Michael the Archangel’s church in Dębno [30 minutes]: a 14th-century church built without using nails which were a scarce and expensive commodity… but we will tell you the whole story when we get there… let’s go further.

►11:00 am: Ship cruise [5/10 PLN / person] from a harbour in Czorsztyn village [Pieniny National Park] across the Czorsztyńskie Lake, to the Niedzica castle
11:30 am: Niedzica Castle – we will see the chambers of the castle that guarded the Dunajec border for many years [entry ticket to the Castle: 12 PLN] and a dam across the Dunajec river.
1:30 - 3:30 pm:  rafting on the Dunajec River [Pieniny National Park][ticket: ~~60 PLN/adult, 30 PLN/child]

Caution! Dress appropriately, put on some suntan lotion, take proper shoes, a sun hat and a raincoat in case. 

3:30 pm: Szczawnica village – dinner at a reliable restaurant [recommended meal: trout, potatoes, salads] or at a regional inn not far away from Szczawnica, where you would find peace and good food.
►6:00/7:00 pm: return to Krakow.

With a tour guide who is a walking repository of knowledge and would tell interesting stories… 

Rafting season lasts from 1 April till 31 October every day except for two church holidays: Corpus Christi and the first day of Easter.
Rafts set out from the rafting marina at Sromowce-Katy, where you can find a parking lot, exhibition pavilion of Pieniny National Park, souvenir shops, restaurant and ticket offices. Tickets needn't be reserved, as they may be purchased upon arrival.
There are two destination marinas:
1. Szczawnica – total route’s length: app. 18 km, the time of the rafting route: app. 2 hours 15 min.
2. Kroscienko - total route’s length: app. 23 km, the time of the rafting route: app. 2 hours 45 min.

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