Christmas and New Year

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Christmas and New Year in Krakow!

Like every year, we invite you to the Krakow Christmas Fair, which begins at the end of November and lasts until January.
In this magic time we will welcome Santa Claus in Krakow. We will see an amazing rivalry of the creators of Krakow Szopka (“szopka” means nativity scene) with an exhibition at the Main Market Square on the first Thursday of December.

We will taste traditional Polish food and drink hot wine, for the weather may be difficult  in December.
Usually snows in Krakow in December. All the city is covered with white snowy fluff which gives it a really fabulous view. It’s perfect aura for a walk  so we invite you to visit magic Krakow with us. Myths, legends and historical facts will be combined with tasting traditional Polish dishes and filled with a Krakow Christmas atmosphere. We welcome you to join us!

Krakow Christmas Route:
Krakow Christmas Fair + Polish food tasting + hot wine + Polish cherry vodka tasting
For children:
Krakow Szopka exhibition
Krakow's museum of the Hangman  
Warming Chocolate Workshops – perfect for winter days 

1 option: Kraków + Jewish Kazimierz 3h visiting
Main Market Square + Sukiennice Cloth Hall+ st. Mary's church [15PLN]
Krakow Jagiellonian University
Wawel Hill with Wawel Cathedral and Wawel Castle 
then... Kazimierz - Jewish Quarter
Szeroka str. [Remuh syn. 10 PLN]; Josef str.; Schindler's yard and Jewish Square.... 
•Old 'Alchemie' caffee for something warm ¿ and we finish :)
2 option: Krakow visiting and Wawel Hill 2h 
Wawel Cathedral [23 PLN]
Wawel Castle [1h extra for visiting in the Wawel Castle guiding in the Representation Rooms [35 PLN] 
then Royal Route ... 
Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square) - Krakow Christmas Fair
st.Mary’s Basilica [10 PLN]
Sukiennice - Cloth Hall - [National Gallery [32 PLN] eventually]
3 option: Krakow visiting and Famous Stained Glass Museum  
Wawel Cathedral 
Wawel Castle from the courtyard 
Famous Stained Glass Museum visiting [50 PLN] + painting of Leonardo da Vinci 'lady with Ermine' [45 PLN]
Rynek Glowny (Main Market Square) - Krakow Christmas Fair
st.Mary’s Basilica [ticket 15 PLN]
Sukiennice - Cloth Hall - [National Gallery [32 PLN] eventually]

Kraków NATIVITY SCENE exposition - The phenomenon of the Kraków nativity scene. KRAKOW CRIB – 1st Thursday of December, every year at Market Square in Krakow from 1937, a tradition. They are issued at the monument of our great poet, Adam Mickiewicz. Nowhere else in the world is not so unusual structures created to commemorate the birth of the Christ. Such a habit of creating atypical structures created in Cracow in the XIX century, and propagated it for good in the XX century. It is a special day for Kraków and attracted many interested at the Krakow’s market in order not only to see these 'small works of art', but also to buy them. For a trifle not small money. What is a labor-intensive job and respectable :). The Nativity Scenes competition was organized by Historical Museum of Krakow, and artists are amateurs, adults and children. Following the competition, the exhibition moves to the museum’s halls Market Square 35, where until mid-February can be admired. Willing is not missing, so and we invite you.