Anita Stanislawska - a licensed Krakow City Guide. Nr/Card No: PM/93/07, as well as an English speaking tour leader. Nr/Card No: PW/256/09.

Booking of a licensed tour guide to Krakow and its vicinity, speaking Polish, English, Ukrainian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, 
Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Belarussian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and so on…

Contact number: +48 602 388 200. E-mail:

Company address: AS - Anita Stanislawska. Gertrudy 14/P1 [next to Wawel Hill]. 31-048 Krakow/Cracow.
NIP 683-156-27-55. Poland

Information on the agency - Number of entry in the Register of Tourist Organizers and Agents of the Marshal of Lesser Polish Voivodeship: Z/50/2010, guarantee issued by AXA.

You are invited for a coffee to our office at ul. sw. Gertrudy 14/P1 [in the basement], the office is designed: NOBLE KRAKOW.

Avoid the illegal tourist agencies! Only agencies with a special financial security for tourists and an entry in the Central Register of Tourist Organizers and Agents are allowed to organize tourist stay, to organize tours [so-called packets] and to intermediate in tourist services, ie. to employ other guides, to intermediate in transport services, to book restaurants or entry tickets and to collect charges for it. Otherwise, they act against the law, exposing the good and safety of tourists. 

Each Web site offering such tourist services should contain a name of the agency, business address and the license number of the organizer and travel agent.

Customers may report a dishonest agency to the Office of the Marshal of Voivodeship or to the UOKiK [Office of Competition and Customer Protection], who in turn would report the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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Download city plan: Cracow_City_Plan.pdf